W3KWH Wires X Connections

Wires X Connections

Last Data Update: April 20, 10:20:14 pm.
Almost Live Wires X Connections
This page will show you all the other nodes that are connected to the Steel City UHF Repeater on Keystone Wide Network Room {60328}. The page will refresh every 30 seconds but the data that the Wires X software puts out only updates once an hour, more often when nodes connect and disconnect from the network.

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Check in on the Sunday Night net at 8PM on these connections
In Case of Room Failure Use 43352 Steel City Room For Backup

Callsign Node Name Node Number City State Country Map Node Comments
1 K3DS K3DS-ND 75346 Newtown Square Pennsylvania USA MARC WB3JOE Paoli PA Repeater
2 K3LV/R K3LV-RPT 55931 Manheim Pennsylvania USA 447.925 mHz K3LV repeater
3 K3MJW K3MJW-RPT 11845 New Kensington Pennsylvania USA Skyview Radio Society K3MJW 444.525+ in KEYSTONE-WIDE room
4 N3BJY/9 KB3ZID-RPT 93596 Acme Pennsylvania USA On Top 3 Mile Hill at Bear Rocks Community Club 146.67
5 KE3PO KE3PO-ND 18924 Latrobe Pennsylvania USA Westmoreland Emergency Amateur Radio Service
6 N3BJY N3BJY-RPT 33491 Evans City Pennsylvania USA N3BJY Evans City
7 W3KWH W3KWH-RPT 33352 Carnegie Pennsylvania USA Steel City ARC Repeater 444.450 Mhz
8 W3PIE W3PIE-ND 50328 Uniontown Pennsylvania USA
Suggested Recommendations
It is recommended if your node goes though an repeater that you use "-RPT" extension for your node name. If you have a stand alone public node or a personal node please use the extension "-ND". This will help the network user know that your node has a wider coverage are when compaired to Repeater vs Stand Alone Node.
If your node is though an repeater for node comment please enter your frequency and the callsign and/or name of the repeater. If your using a stand alone node enter location, frequency, and range of your public node. If its an private node just have a comment saying it is presonal. This will let users in your area know what frequency to use which is good when your traveling.